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Candle Centerpieces That Will Light Up Your Wedding Reception Event

Looking for the right parts to make a wedding look good can be somewhat of a challenge, but you may want to also have candle centerpieces be one of the more crucial things to buy. Their appearances vary from one another and the materials they’re made from would either be glass or metal. With that said, here is a list of different kinds of candle centerpieces worth looking into for your wedding reception:

  1. Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders: Covered in beautiful gold chrome, these kinds of candles will make the tables at the wedding reception look gorgeous, especially for such an important event like this. Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders are perfect for you if you want to have the tables or set pieces at the event shine with their vacuum-metalized coating.
  2. Tall Candle Holders: They may be a lot thinner than what other candles normally would look like, but tall candle holders are used often for people that may want to have a regal appearance to the wedding event.
  3. Hurricane Candle Holders: Coming in different sizes, hurricane candle holders house the wax candle in the bottom of the holder, while the small flame lights up and gives an atmospheric appearance to the event.
  4.  Candelabras: Look ore regal than most other candles, Candelabras represent the right kind of centerpiece to a wedding with their vintage, gothic details as well as the number of candles that can be lit all over it.
  5. Pillar Candle Holders: The wax of the candle stands out more, but as long as it doesn’t melt and ruin the look of the holder that it’s on, then you will love owning some pillar candle holders for a beautiful display at a wedding.
  6. Glass Candle Holders: If you like having a transparent holder for the wax of a candle, then you’ll be happy to know about the variety found in these candles. Glass candle holders vary from pillar candle holders to being hurricane candle holders
  7. Metal Candelabras: A variant of the standard candelabras, these would fit even better for you if you want a uniform appearance found on metal candelabras instead of the regal appearance.
  8. Glass Flute Vases: If you want to have glass flute vases for your event, then you’ll be delighted to know about the beautiful appearance of these that you would want to see in a candle as well as the durability of the glass overall.

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