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5 Must-Use Items in Your Wedding Decoration to Turn All Heads

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Your wedding is as special as the love you share with your partner. Celebrate the union with mesmerizing adornments which reflect glory as well as the royalty of the event. If you are a classic person with a bit of modern twist, add decorative which will speak for your style. For this, understanding and adding some stunning wedding decoration to leave a mark on your D-day is imperative.

When you are planning for something so grand, do you have a perfect decoration plan ready? Sprinkle some creativity with a lustrous adornment for a perfect execution. If you already have some plans set in mind, add some ‘more’ to the look. Few detailing and pieces need to be there. So, why don’t you get some pro ideas and add the bling of uniqueness!

5 must-use wedding decoration items for an alluring celebration

Prepare for the ‘wow’ moments and nail your wedding décor!

1. Cover the tables and chairs gracefully

People often miss out on the furniture cover that they use for the wedding. If you think those fixtures already look good enough, change them to add some detailing. For starters, go for table runners and chair bows. This adds more lush and depth in the decorative design.

2. Centerpieces as the limelight!

Every good party decoration calls for glamorous centerpieces. Try gold geometrical lantern and enhance the entire look of your marriage décor. Add a small cup candle inside the lantern and see the aura it spreads. Or try something out of the box and place flower petals and colored stones for a change. The best part is, you can hang it as well as place it on tables.

3. Steal the show with candle stands

You must wonder why so much emphasis on candles! The reason for it is; it looks very charming and artistic as well. Use something as beautiful as Aluminum Gold Pineapple Candle holder and it will be perfect for all event decorations.

If you are not comfortable with an original candle; then use the LED ones for a close to realistic look.

4. Pedestal Bowls for a royal touch

In every wedding, food is a must! But have you ever thought, you can be really creative with the serving too? Use Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl or Burnt finish Mercury Glass fleur de lis loving Cups. They also serve great as a party decoration

5. Flowers in vases – A couple like yours!

Yes, vases and flowers work together like a magical pair! It’s all you need to ensure that you make a unique pair. So, for that, instead of going for conventional vases, why don’t you try mercury mint julep cup, which has an antique touch on it and a modern appeal too?

Pair it with roses, tulips, carnations, orchids or other long stem flowers for the best look.

These ideas are great for grabbing all attention and turning every head around. The best part is, you will love the glimmering glow, beautiful detailing, catchy artsy pieces. Add these stunning 5 wedding decoration ideas and see how magically those work!