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What’s on offer from the best Wedding Décor Websites?

wedding décor websites

Every year sees design trends changing things up a little, and this is always reflected on wedding décor websites in terms of the décor items for sale. 2017 sees the whimsical look being slowly replaced with a bold, yet understated style, that will prevail in home as well as event décor.

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SNK Enterprises, Inc. provides a wide range of décor accessories that are right on trend. Some of the key trends available for purchase via their online store include:

  • Glass with added sparkle

Interesting statement items are becoming increasingly popular. What better way to make a statement with mercury glass home décor? This ethereal looking glassware is created by blowing double walled glass and then silvering between the layers (originally mercury was used, but this is no longer the case). A decorative vase of mercury glass makes a stunning centerpiece for any décor design.

  • Natural textured fabrics

Natural fabrics such as linen and burlap are very popular, especially as table runners for event design. Burlap also makes for affordable home décor because it is not an expensive fabric, but can be used to create interesting visual and tactile texture for cushions and other décor accessories. From rolls of burlap to linen wrappings, SNK Enterprises, Inc. has a variety of fabric products on sale.

  • A touch of metal

Accent pieces with metallic finishes continue to be popular in décor. The trick with incorporating metal accessories into any décor, be it for a private home or for an event, is restraint – choose key pieces in simple, timeless designs to complement rather than overwhelm the overall look. SNK Enterprises, Inc.’s aluminum collection includes a range of high-quality aluminum vases, bowls and platters in a variety of beautiful metallic finishes to suit your every whim, including gold, copper, silver, and obsidian to name a few.

As one of the best wedding décor websites, SNK Enterprises, Inc. is a décor wholesaler that services trade industries and is a superb source of accessories used by interior decorators, as well as the events and floral industries. Items can be purchased directly online via our secure online store, or viewed at our showrooms located in St. Louis, Missouri; Atlanta, Georgia; and Dallas, Texas. We are happy to arrange custom orders if possible – contact us today for further info.