The top home décor trends for 2017

If you want your hotel or commercial building to be decorated this New Year, you must look for unique home décor trends. Read below to find out more. Getting home décor ideas will get you up to speed with what is hot for 2017 and will make your guests remember their stay at your hotel for a long time! Here are the top affordable home décor trends that you can use to make your commercial building stand out: Terracotta tiles – This shade of tile brings a rustic feel to hotel walls and will definitely be a conversation starter! Although …

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Where to find the best Christmas holiday décor online

Store Showroom st. Louis

Home décor websites are a dime a dozen these days. To make sure you find the best Christmas holiday décor online, read these tips: Make sure it’s a local supplier While there are many international suppliers that offer interesting and unique Christmas holiday décor at discount prices, buying these items from overseas isn’t always a good idea. In the case of lighting or electronics, for example, you run the risk of the electrical outlets and wiring not linking up with local electricity sockets and plugs. It could take longer for your items to be delivered, so you would run the …

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Tips for Decorating your Home during Fall Season

Welcome to our very first blog. You will find many articles out there that talk about home décor, we wanted to provide a different take on the home décor, particularly from the perspective of products that embellish your home and really provide that feeling of comfort and charm, something that makes you feel special. With fall season just upon us, here are few tips to jazz up your home. Home decor does more than jazz up your home, it helps tell your story and express your personal tastes. Fall is the perfect time to visit our store SNK Enterprises Inc. …

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