Wedding Decor Trends in 2019 : blueprint for success

Wedding Decor Trends 2019

Vows Exchanged: Treasure The Evening Divine

You’re preparing for one of the most important events of your lifetime and for generations to come. Whether your wedding affair is designed for an intimate party of 32 guests or a more community inclusive celebration of a thousand, these tips will help you to set wedding decor trends 2019 in motion a blueprint for success.

Every wedding represents not only the creativity and planning skills of the couple or their hired hand but also the progressive growth by the experience of weddings held prior by other family members. You will find the design plans featured in this article applies to your current evolutionary state on the wedding plan, and that of your progeny as well. First, decide on a per table volume of 4, 8, or 10 people. Set an identity for each table whether via number, letter, or avatar. You will use this in your cataloging of guests, and making your wedding history scrapbook, among other things (more about that later). With your maid of honor and best man dedicated to the needs and support of the bride and groom, respectively, assign printing, public relations, and party favors management to your next two dependable, creative, energetic loved ones.

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Wedding Decor Trends 2019:

For each guest table, present as your base design a layer of cake consistent with your tiered wedding cake held at the main wedding party or host table (bride, groom, their parents, their grandparents, their children, the maid of honor and the best man and their date, etc., as needed). Use the product metal oval platter on pedestal to hold the layer of cake. Also, use the product pure copper & brass water pitcher 7″ as service of water assigned one per 1-4 people per guest table. Assign one of the “decorative glass jar vases with handles” for each table (again, more about this later). Apply one, long-burning, scented candle wax creation per 1-4 people per guest table using the product clear glass votive candle holders .

Wedding Centerpiece Vases:

Make use of the wedding centerpiece vases to symbolize the unity of the marriage and the families involved. Select one distinctive vase for the new couple. Select two pieces that match each other and reflect aspects of the couple’s vase. Assign these to the family lineage of the joining pair. Let the families decide whether the parents or the grandparents will keep the vases. Let each vase contain a floral arrangement reminiscent of the bride’s bouquet. Each family should have a distinct flower in their respective vases. But the bride’s bouquet shall include all elements, likewise the groom’s lapel.

Candle Holders With Handle:

Candle holders with handle reemphasize the unity joined together on this special occasion. Light them before all other activity including eating, dancing, and toasting. Let them remain lit throughout the reception ceremony. It’s okay to extinguish them before leaving the venue. Each household – new couple’s and the two families (Parents or Grands) – are to take them home and keep them forever as memorabilia heirlooms. The couple may find it encouraging to keep it in their master suite and to have it with them when they celebrate each anniversary whether at home or elsewhere. As an added tradition, the couple can make the scented wax together and maintain the recipe for it in the family and their wedding scrapbook.

Gold Mercury Glass Vases:

Employ two gold mercury glass vases also on the host table, at either end and not obstructing the view of the bride or groom. But in these, place a unique arrangement of replantable flowers. Maintaining a hint of the bride’s bouquet is fine. The main symbolism, however, of these vases is to represent future unions of love for the couple’s progeny.

Tall Floor Vases:

Similarly, place two tall floor vases on either end of the host table area. You may use a front or back corner making sure they’re out of the way of passers-by. You will set these vases with sand for the lower 2/3’s or 3/4’s of their height. Let the remaining upper portion contain the candle wax. Again, as an added bonus to tradition, use the couple’s recipe for this scented wax as well, whether the same as for the votive candles or unique. The families shall light each of these together and the height of these vases should require the participants to look and reach upward. These vases serve as a symbol of the joint effort required to develop a joyful marital union.

Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders:

Allow enough room at the host party table to place seven gold mercury glass candle holders throughout. These will have been lit already by the maid of honor and the best man before the arrival of the remaining host party to that table.

Now, back to your public relations, etc., couple. They are responsible to ensure that each guest has a placement marker and a trivia quiz set. Ideally, each table guest will complete each quiz before the bride and groom arrive. Note that you may want to use a digital version of this concept instead of a printed version. Simply set it up online at your wedding’s guestbook site or on a privatized wedding page of your social media account. Either way, you will want to make sure the guests will not have access to complete the trivia quiz more than once nor until after the wedding ceremony and before the eating and dancing at the reception, etc.

Votive Candle Holders:

The best trivia questions for this special occasion will consist of those central to the relationship of the bride and groom and their particulars. Some examples include the month they met, the year they met, each one’s favorite color, meal, 70’s song, 80’s song, 90’s song, big band song, jazz song, Christian song, vacation spot, etc., and bonus questions such as how many children they hope to have and whether or not they would ever consider adoption. Remember, the more questions you ask, the less chance of any tie scores at the table.

The winners receive the following, 3rd place ==> the water pitcher, 2nd place ==> the cake platter, and 1st place ==> the glass jar vase. All other guests will receive a votive candle holder as distributed per number of guests at that table minus 3 (the number of items served as winning favors for first, second and third place). You may assign more than one 3rd place winner in accordance with the number of water pitchers assigned to that table.

Wedding Plan:

Here’s the rest of the wedding plan. Together, the maid of honor, best man and the p.r. couple will determine, select and announce two or three possible locations for the couple’s renewal ceremony to be held on or near their 15th wedding anniversary. The first place winners will bring homemade refreshments made from the contents of their vases. You see, seven to eleven weeks prior to their wedding, the bride and groom will have begun planting the same or a variety of seeds to start lemon, peach, avocado, pear, and cherry trees, placing a rootling in the glass jar vases a week prior to the wedding reception.

You winners (at this point, they will announce the names of the 1st place winners) will, please, in turn, replant them under your care. And when we all meet again, God Willing, to celebrate their 15 years of wedded bliss (or survival, as the case may be), we will enjoy together, literally, the fruits of labor. Consider fashioning pies, salads, juices, and wines from the fruit of these trees. Through the years, if you encounter any trouble with your plant, please do not hesitate to contact this new couple for guidance!

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