Silver Aluminum Heart Shaped Bridal/Wreath Hoop 12″ Set of 12


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1. Beautiful Silver Finish for Your Special Day

This set of 12 Silver Aluminum Heart Shaped Bridal/Wreath Hoops will add elegance and charm to your wedding or special event. These hoops are made from high-quality aluminum and have a beautiful silver finish that will complement any wedding theme. The heart shape of the hoops will add a romantic touch to your decor and make your special day even more memorable.

2. Versatile and Easy to Use

These hoops are not just for weddings! They can be used for a variety of DIY projects such as wreaths, home decor, and holiday decorations. The hoops are extremely versatile and can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. The lightweight and durable aluminum material make them easy to handle and use, even for beginners.

3. Set of 12 for Your Convenience

This set of 12 Silver Aluminum Heart Shaped Bridal/Wreath Hoops is perfect for larger events or projects. You will have enough hoops to create multiple centerpieces or decorations while still being able to enjoy the beautiful silver finish. The set also offers convenience and saves you time by providing all the hoops you need in one purchase.

Gold, Silver,
12"H X 12"W X 1"L, 18"H X 18"W X 1"L, 24"H X 24"W X 1"L, 36"H X 36"W X 1"L,
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