Nickel Aluminum Urn (4.5″x8.5″)


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1. A Durable and Elegant Final Resting Place

Looking for a high-quality urn to honor your loved one’s memory? Our Nickel Aluminum Urn is a perfect choice. Crafted from premium materials, this urn boasts both durability and elegance. With a sleek and modern design, it’s a fitting way to commemorate the life of someone special.

2. Perfectly Sized for Any Ashes

Measuring 4.5×8.5, this urn is perfectly sized for any ashes. Whether you’ve chosen to scatter some of your loved one’s ashes, or keep them all together in a single urn, this product is the ideal size. Don’t settle for urns that are too big or too small – choose this one for a perfect fit.

3. Easy to Personalize and Display

Our Nickel Aluminum Urn is easy to personalize, with plenty of space for a name, dates, and other special details. And once it’s customized, it’s easy to display as well. With a simple, understated design, it complements any decor. Plus, the sturdy base ensures that it stays securely in place.

Gold, NIckel Finish,
8.5"H X 4.5"W,
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