Mercury Glass Urn Vases



A simple Mercury Glass Urn Vases will no longer make the cut if you want something striking for your home. Try an antique glass urn to intensify the rustic appeal of your drawing room. These Mercury Glass Urn Vases are perfect for natural as well as artificial flowers. The wide base offers it stability. These urns come in several sizes, and colors. Place it alongside the lampshade to add character to the home décor. These urns, along with other home décor pieces, offer a contemporary look to the entire room.

Material: Mercury Glass

Dimensions Available:
29″H X 8″W, 7″H X 8″W, 6″H X 6″W

Colors Available:
Mercury Gold, Mercury Copper, Mercury Silver

Mercury Gold, Mercury Copper, Mercury Silver,
29"H X 8"W,
Single Item, Box of 4, Box of 8, Box of 16,
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