Mercury Glass Pilsner Vase



Whether traditional or contemporary, this Glass Pilsner Vase will suit the décor of your room perfectly. It is ideal for fresh as well as artificial flowers. The rich color of this vase will look splendid against both light and dark colored walls. The vase will make your living room more inviting. The polished and reflective surface intensifies its appeal. It is an excellent gifting item as well. The size is ideal for holding long-stem flowers. The wide base will prevent the vase from toppling over.

Material: Mercury Glass

Mercury Gold, Mercury Copper, Mercury Silver, Champagne, PEARL, Silver Floral, Gold Burnt, Silver Burnt, Beehive, Bee Hive,
7"H X 3.5"W, 7.5"H X 3.5"W, 9.5"H X 3.75"W, 9.5"H X 4"W, 24"H X 5"W, 30"H X 6"W,
Single Item, Box of 4, Box of 6, Box of 8, Box of 12, Box of 16, Box of 24, Box of 48, Box of 96,
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