Mercury Glass Bouquet Holders



Adding a unique piece can heighten the beauty of your home. A cylindrical Mercury Glass Bouquet Holders is an integral part of your home décor. You may use the vase to showcase a flower arrangement. The piece, by itself, is enough to catch the attention of your guests. Its smooth and shiny exterior will make it reflect ambient light. The vase Mercury Glass Bouquet Holders adds freshness and classy appeal to the entire room. It will increase the beauty of your table or mantelpiece seamlessly. Its shape offers a contemporary look that never goes out of fashion. This is one piece that will suit everyone’s tastes.

Material: Mercury Glass

Dimensions Available:
9″H X 4″W, 6″H X 3.5″W, 6.5″H X 3.5″W, 8″H X 6″W, 6″H X 5″W

Colors Available:
Mercury Gold, Mercury Copper, Beehive, Champagne, Sunset, Clear Glass, Mercury Silver, Silver Floral, Gold Burnt, Silver Burnt, Cane Glass


Mercury Gold glass cylinder/ bouquet holder 9″Hx4″

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