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How to Use Mercury Glass Vases as Wedding Centerpiece

Mercury Glass vases will make a beautiful addition!

Mercury glass vases have been increasing in popularity for weddings over the past decade. They have the versatility to match with almost any wedding theme you decide to go with, so they make a pleasant addition! When you imagine your absolutely perfect wedding day, what comes to mind? Do you want floral arrangements spread out across the ballroom floor? Do you want the addition of a beautiful table centerpiece that really catch your guest eyes? One place to start is the inclusion of mercury glass vases, which come in a multitude of different colors, styles, and designs. Mercury vases offer a very elegant and vintage look to the room and would be perfect for your floral arrangement vase for your table centerpieces.

Some people think of using mercury for vases as being one-note, but that really is not the case. When thinking of options for your vases, understand that they come in over ten colors, including gold mercury glass vases, mercury copper, champagne, beehive, sunset, and a multitude of more colors. In addition to the many colors of mercury glass vases available, the styles of these vases are nearly unlimited. There are over one hundred different styles, that include anything from tall and skinny vases to shorter, wider vases. They also have accessories like pedestal bowls and hanging candle holders. Start with picking out a beautiful wedding centerpiece, than move on to the surrounding accessories that you may want to spice up your wedding venue!

Mercury Glass Vases

Truthfully, any style you may be considering or planning on doing would be decorate extra special with the inclusion of mercury accessories. You will not be disappointed when these are added to your decorations for your perfect day!

You always have the option to put a beautiful floral table centerpiece in your mercury vases; however, you can also throw a more rustic touch and put corks or gems inside the vases! The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to these mercury vases. In addition to table centerpieces, you can also use these vases to be hung from the ceiling to hold candles or flowers, whatever your preference may be! If you’d like a taller wedding centerpiece, and gold mercury glass vases check out this beautiful option here. The possibilities for your wedding are endless, and it is suppose to be your special day, so make sure the decorations and accessories used to decorate your beautiful wedding are a true representation of you and who you are!

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