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10 Modern Candle Holders For Wedding Decorations in 2020

modern candle holders

Modern Candle Holders For Wedding is a must-have for those of you who are about to experience the big day. These types of wedding supplies set the scenery for what you are envisioning. Is it on the beach with a perfect sunset while you kiss the love of your life? Is it in an enchanting swamp that flows with love and precious moments as seen on CrazyRichAsians? The most beautiful part about weddings is that each one can be completely different. It’s the perfect moment of physically capturing the couple’s love, style, and personalities all into one beautiful moment in time. Whether you have an idea of what you want your wedding to look like or not, SNK has a beautiful light bulb wide selection of glass votives, lanterns, tea lights and more!

Is the bride going to walk like a ballerina that pirouettes or is she a graceful Star Wars princess that’s marching to marry her knight? Whatever your intended vision of fantasy maybe, it could use fire to light up the picture. SNK has an impressive selection of glass votives that can do the trick for your special day! You should purchase a glass candle, votives, or a glass candle holder that can illuminate the bride’s entrance. Here is a list of modern candle holders for weddings that can be perfect for the bride’s main entrance.

Mercury Glass Votive Holders 2.5 Inches High

This candle holder can be ideal for almost any type of event or wedding ceremony. Here are colors.

  • Floral
  • Aqua
  • Mercury Red
  • Chevron
  • Burlap

Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holders set of 6

Hanging Glass Holders 2.75 to 4 Inches High

These can be hung from the ceiling to light up the sky or down below to add a glow to her toes! This piece also comes in a variety of colors.

  • Mercury Glass
  • Jute Lace
  • Lace
  • Burlap

Hanging Glass Votive Candle Holders Set of 6

Mercury fleur de lis Votive Cup 4.5 Inches High

This piece is very bold and beautiful! No, we do not mean your favorite soap opera. This piece is so bold that it can be the centerpiece amongst other table decorations or any other bold perception. Here are some of its colors.

  • Mercury Gold
  • Copper
  • Gold Burnt
  • Silver Burnt

Glass Mint Julep Cup 4.5 Inches High

This piece can enhance the perfect beach wedding! Here are its colors.

  • Mercury gold

glass mint julep cup candle holder


Mercury Glass Votives 4.5 Inches High

This is a tiny holder that can resemble rocks and other theme based aspects.

Here are some of its colors.

  • Mercury Gold
  • Mercury Copper
  • Mercury Silver
  • Gold Burnt
  • Silver Burnt

Mercury Glass Votives

Metal Lanterns With Cylindrical Vase 4 to 9 inches High


You can use this piece with a flame on tables,in the air, or on the ground. Here are some of its colors.

  • Gold Burnt
  • Gold Geometrical

geometrical lantern with votive cup

Decorative Jar Vases With Handles 5 to 8.5 inches high

This vase is ideal for bold flowers and other bold decorations to sit in. It comes the color of Sunset.

jar lantern with handle

Square Metal And Glass Lanterns 20 Inches

This lantern is bold with flames and subtle without it. You can choose and make it fit your feel! Here are some of its colors.

  • Iron Black
  • White

20 inch high square lantern

Metal Branch 7 Votive Candle Holders 7 inches high

This piece would be perfect for a greek wedding that resembles the olives on the a lovely island! Here are some of its colors.

  • Aluminum Gold
  • Aluminum Copper
  • aluminum Nickle

branch candelabra

Metal Candelabras Candle Holders 17 to 22 inches high

This slender candle holder set can hold multiple candles and create designs throughout the room! This creates the ultimate use of wedding candles! Here are some of its colors.

  • Aluminum Nickel
  • Aluminum Gold

metal candelabras








These pieces can be used as reception decorations for your wedding reception, home decor, a cake topper, and more!

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